Change That Decor’s Piece’s Job!

Most people are décor challenged – you know what looks good but can’t create that magazine cover look on your own, you need help.

Successful interior designers and decorators tend to think of unusual pieces to put together and they know how to change the traditional job of home décor pieces and furniture. This article (and a few more to follow) will give you ideas and examples of how to change your mind about certain interior décor pieces and how to change their job.

Carpets are the easiest and cheapest ways to freshen up your décor, whether it is indoors out on your patio. But we always only think of putting them on the floor – here are two new ways that you can use them.

Put your carpet on the wall

  • Buy one good quality carpet for the floor, then another cheaper one with similar colours. Or buy two cheaper ones – one for the floor and one for the wall. Cut the carpet for the wall into smaller pieces and have them bordered – any carpet shop should be able to do it for a small fee.
  • If you have fitted carpets installed, ask to have the off-cuts bordered.
  1. Find a board the appropriate size. Arrange the pieces on the board to get a good idea of how they will fit in the space on your wall. Move them around until you’re happy with the layout.
  2. Stick each piece down with sticky tape or putty adhesive (Prestik or Blu-Tack) then place the board on a chair or table. Stand back and view from a distance. Rearrange until you’re happy.
  3. Permanently attach the pieces with tacks or glue, but make sure it won’t come loose any time soon.
  4. Frame your new artwork.

Eat on your carpet

Either rummage through a flea-market for a table, or have one made.

  • For a new table, place the carpet in a “box” with a glass top. Remember to permanently fix the carpet to the back board to stop it from moving around when you move the table.
  • For an old table with a thin carpet, place the carpet directly on the table top, cover with a thick bevelled glass sheet. If the carpet is a bit too thick, remove the table top, make a “box” similar to the new table idea and replace the top. Remember to shorten the legs the same as the box height otherwise your eating experience will feel a bit… odd.
  • Invest in a Persian carpet and use it as a table cloth. They’re usually thin enough to just place a glass sheet on top.

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