Month: March 2017

A new baby, a new set of wheels and finding the right stroller is like going to a dealership and buying your first car.  The strollers of yesteryear were known as carriages and were built of wood or wicker and kept together by expensive brass joints, models were of course also named after royalty, Princess and Duchess the most popular with Balmoral and Windsor along side. As a new mom of twins or two babies, a double stroller may be just what you need.

Being pregnant with your first child is an amazing experience for any expectant couples, but to discover that you are actually expecting double than what you thought is both exciting and daunting at the same time.  Choosing the right stroller that will meet your babies’ needs and keep them comfortable for quite an extended period of time is very important.

By making sure that you buy a stroller that can hold toddlers of up to 18kg will make it unnecessary to shop for strollers quicker than what you will have anticipated, as the one accommodating a larger weight mass will last longer.  According to Laura at Best Jogging Strollers When purchasing the stroller make sure of the comfort of the seating (padded) and the safety of a good harness to keep the busy little ones inside, also consider having canopies that zip on and off independently as one baby might prefer the shade whilst the other prefers more sun.

Not many moms want to use the stroller after a child or children has reached the age of 1 and older, they have good reasons as twins and any toddler for that matter, are hyperactive and dealing with them is a time consuming affair.   So by choosing a stroller for the tots keeping in mind that they can be boisterous and busy, choose wisely as this will be their wheels for a long time, and when babies are comfortable and settled then mom will also be content and happy.  A basket at the rear of the buggy is super functional for storing all the comforts that the babies will need, bottles, diaper bag and of course mom’s purse.

Basically two types are most commonly use, the tandem stroller and the side by side, although each are excellent choices in the case of twins there are downsides.  The tandem is a little harder to manoeuvre and get around, because of their length also making it a little difficult to fit into smaller vehicle trunks and then you will also have the “seating inequality” where one child will feel that he or she should be seated in front  and not the rear?   It could become a source of tension around the age of 2 or 3, and until such time the little ones are really oblivious and blissfully unaware.

Side by side also have manoeuvre problems but can be collapsed successfully for storage in the car trunk, this type keeps conversation between twins at a high because they are able to see each other, but beware when an argument ensues between them and there is not much in the form of defence between each child!

If you reside in a climate that has snow resulting in the sidewalks and streets getting salted, make sure your stroller has alloy wheels or even living near or on the coast where the air is heavy with sea salt, once again go for alloy wheels.  Go for all wheel suspension giving your children a smoother ride and also if possible try and source a stroller with hands free auto stop braking technology.   A narrow gauge wheel stroller is definitely not what you need, especially those with canvas seating that will cause static electricity and major discomfort for your little passenger,  this type of stroller is very basic, cheap and has no storage space (basket) for odds and ends and is not recommended.

Remember taking on a shopping expedition or even a walk on the street must be a comfortable experience for both parent and passenger, so when the little ones chariot comes around they should be eager to climb into the stroller and relate comfort with the pleasure of a trip to the mall or a walk.