Month: January 2017


I personally use cooking steamers all the time and recommend to all my readers. Cooking by steaming dates as far back as the Paleolithic period. As much as it might not be the most common method of cooking in the western kitchen currently, there are foods that are still cooked using this much revered method like the Tamales. Even though the method is very historical, there are aspects about it that have not changed over the years. The one that stands out the best is the benefits that cooking by steaming has to offer.

Benefits of cooking by steaming

According this review of steam cookers (, There are plenty of benefits associated with steaming and thanks to the different cooking steamers in the market, now you can steam more than just vegetables. Here are some of them.

It is frugal

A lot of cooking methods like frying use way too much energy to prepare food and in the process, a lot of the helpful parts of the food are destroyed. Steaming not only saves you money but also saves the important parts of food like the nutrients and the fiber.

No fat is needed for cooking

Not requiring fat to cook means that is one less thing that you need to buy. Also, there are not many benefits health wise or economically that have been associated with cooking fat. That means that steaming offers not only a cheaper but also a healthier cooking option. The medium of heat in this case is the steam hence the fat is not required.

You food stays moist

Eating dry food is never justice to your pallet. Because the food is in contact with moisture at all times, it does not go dry. The moisture is able to preserve up to 50% more of the nutrients including nutrients that are water soluble compared to other cooking methods.

Tips on How to Cook Healthier Meals using Steam Cooking

The first and perhaps the most important tip is that steaming is not only applicable to fresh vegetables only. You can also steam froze vegetables with equal ease. You can even steam frozen peas. But, for the case of the peas, it is advisable to add some white sugar to add extra flavor to the peas.

For better and more even cooking, you need to make sure that you spread the vegetables evenly at the bottom of your preferred steaming cooker. For vegetables like the Broccoli and Cauliflower should be placed with the stem facing down. This helps to soften the Brussel sprouts and cooks better inside.

If you’re cooking meat, poultry or fish and you have to cook these at the same time as vegetables or potatoes stack the meat in the bottom tray. This way, the juices from the meat do not drip on the vegetables and ruin the taste while you cook.

As a general rule of thumb, you should have the larger pieced items placed on the lower tray and the smaller sized ones on the upper tray. It cuts down on the amount of time required to cook and everything cooks evenly.

Steaming is a very easy and straightforward process. However, occasionally, to make the best out of your steaming cooker, you need some tips to allow for better and faster cooking. To experience the best that a steam cooker has to offer and get on your way to a better and healthier life, you should find these tips very helpful.