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A new baby, a new set of wheels and finding the right stroller is like going to a dealership and buying your first car.  The strollers of yesteryear were known as carriages and were built of wood or wicker and kept together by expensive brass joints, models were of course also named after royalty, Princess and Duchess the most popular with Balmoral and Windsor along side. As a new mom of twins or two babies, a double stroller may be just what you need.

Being pregnant with your first child is an amazing experience for any expectant couples, but to discover that you are actually expecting double than what you thought is both exciting and daunting at the same time.  Choosing the right stroller that will meet your babies’ needs and keep them comfortable for quite an extended period of time is very important.

By making sure that you buy a stroller that can hold toddlers of up to 18kg will make it unnecessary to shop for strollers quicker than what you will have anticipated, as the one accommodating a larger weight mass will last longer.  According to Laura at Best Jogging Strollers When purchasing the stroller make sure of the comfort of the seating (padded) and the safety of a good harness to keep the busy little ones inside, also consider having canopies that zip on and off independently as one baby might prefer the shade whilst the other prefers more sun.

Not many moms want to use the stroller after a child or children has reached the age of 1 and older, they have good reasons as twins and any toddler for that matter, are hyperactive and dealing with them is a time consuming affair.   So by choosing a stroller for the tots keeping in mind that they can be boisterous and busy, choose wisely as this will be their wheels for a long time, and when babies are comfortable and settled then mom will also be content and happy.  A basket at the rear of the buggy is super functional for storing all the comforts that the babies will need, bottles, diaper bag and of course mom’s purse.

Basically two types are most commonly use, the tandem stroller and the side by side, although each are excellent choices in the case of twins there are downsides.  The tandem is a little harder to manoeuvre and get around, because of their length also making it a little difficult to fit into smaller vehicle trunks and then you will also have the “seating inequality” where one child will feel that he or she should be seated in front  and not the rear?   It could become a source of tension around the age of 2 or 3, and until such time the little ones are really oblivious and blissfully unaware.

Side by side also have manoeuvre problems but can be collapsed successfully for storage in the car trunk, this type keeps conversation between twins at a high because they are able to see each other, but beware when an argument ensues between them and there is not much in the form of defence between each child!

If you reside in a climate that has snow resulting in the sidewalks and streets getting salted, make sure your stroller has alloy wheels or even living near or on the coast where the air is heavy with sea salt, once again go for alloy wheels.  Go for all wheel suspension giving your children a smoother ride and also if possible try and source a stroller with hands free auto stop braking technology.   A narrow gauge wheel stroller is definitely not what you need, especially those with canvas seating that will cause static electricity and major discomfort for your little passenger,  this type of stroller is very basic, cheap and has no storage space (basket) for odds and ends and is not recommended.

Remember taking on a shopping expedition or even a walk on the street must be a comfortable experience for both parent and passenger, so when the little ones chariot comes around they should be eager to climb into the stroller and relate comfort with the pleasure of a trip to the mall or a walk.



I personally use cooking steamers all the time and recommend to all my readers. Cooking by steaming dates as far back as the Paleolithic period. As much as it might not be the most common method of cooking in the western kitchen currently, there are foods that are still cooked using this much revered method like the Tamales. Even though the method is very historical, there are aspects about it that have not changed over the years. The one that stands out the best is the benefits that cooking by steaming has to offer.

Benefits of cooking by steaming

According this review of steam cookers (http://www.reisland.net/dampfgarer), There are plenty of benefits associated with steaming and thanks to the different cooking steamers in the market, now you can steam more than just vegetables. Here are some of them.

It is frugal

A lot of cooking methods like frying use way too much energy to prepare food and in the process, a lot of the helpful parts of the food are destroyed. Steaming not only saves you money but also saves the important parts of food like the nutrients and the fiber.

No fat is needed for cooking

Not requiring fat to cook means that is one less thing that you need to buy. Also, there are not many benefits health wise or economically that have been associated with cooking fat. That means that steaming offers not only a cheaper but also a healthier cooking option. The medium of heat in this case is the steam hence the fat is not required.

You food stays moist

Eating dry food is never justice to your pallet. Because the food is in contact with moisture at all times, it does not go dry. The moisture is able to preserve up to 50% more of the nutrients including nutrients that are water soluble compared to other cooking methods.

Tips on How to Cook Healthier Meals using Steam Cooking

The first and perhaps the most important tip is that steaming is not only applicable to fresh vegetables only. You can also steam froze vegetables with equal ease. You can even steam frozen peas. But, for the case of the peas, it is advisable to add some white sugar to add extra flavor to the peas.

For better and more even cooking, you need to make sure that you spread the vegetables evenly at the bottom of your preferred steaming cooker. For vegetables like the Broccoli and Cauliflower should be placed with the stem facing down. This helps to soften the Brussel sprouts and cooks better inside.

If you’re cooking meat, poultry or fish and you have to cook these at the same time as vegetables or potatoes stack the meat in the bottom tray. This way, the juices from the meat do not drip on the vegetables and ruin the taste while you cook.

As a general rule of thumb, you should have the larger pieced items placed on the lower tray and the smaller sized ones on the upper tray. It cuts down on the amount of time required to cook and everything cooks evenly.

Steaming is a very easy and straightforward process. However, occasionally, to make the best out of your steaming cooker, you need some tips to allow for better and faster cooking. To experience the best that a steam cooker has to offer and get on your way to a better and healthier life, you should find these tips very helpful.



Most people are décor challenged – you know what looks good but can’t create that magazine cover look on your own, you need help.

Successful interior designers and decorators tend to think of unusual pieces to put together and they know how to change the traditional job of home décor pieces and furniture. This article (and a few more to follow) will give you ideas and examples of how to change your mind about certain interior décor pieces and how to change their job.

Carpets are the easiest and cheapest ways to freshen up your décor, whether it is indoors out on your patio. But we always only think of putting them on the floor – here are two new ways that you can use them.

Put your carpet on the wall

  • Buy one good quality carpet for the floor, then another cheaper one with similar colours. Or buy two cheaper ones – one for the floor and one for the wall. Cut the carpet for the wall into smaller pieces and have them bordered – any carpet shop should be able to do it for a small fee.
  • If you have fitted carpets installed, ask to have the off-cuts bordered.
  1. Find a board the appropriate size. Arrange the pieces on the board to get a good idea of how they will fit in the space on your wall. Move them around until you’re happy with the layout.
  2. Stick each piece down with sticky tape or putty adhesive (Prestik or Blu-Tack) then place the board on a chair or table. Stand back and view from a distance. Rearrange until you’re happy.
  3. Permanently attach the pieces with tacks or glue, but make sure it won’t come loose any time soon.
  4. Frame your new artwork.

Eat on your carpet

Either rummage through a flea-market for a table, or have one made.

  • For a new table, place the carpet in a “box” with a glass top. Remember to permanently fix the carpet to the back board to stop it from moving around when you move the table.
  • For an old table with a thin carpet, place the carpet directly on the table top, cover with a thick bevelled glass sheet. If the carpet is a bit too thick, remove the table top, make a “box” similar to the new table idea and replace the top. Remember to shorten the legs the same as the box height otherwise your eating experience will feel a bit… odd.
  • Invest in a Persian carpet and use it as a table cloth. They’re usually thin enough to just place a glass sheet on top.


So I started this blog to rant about interior design and furniture and school but this summer has been soooo hot hasn’t it?! Summer 2015 has been intense (I’m loving it though don’t get me wrong hehe). So I went out and did a special report for all of you building your own swimming pool this summer. A swimming pool is an integral part of a upscale home’s complete design. This post should help out a lot of my readers.

If you’re thinking about adding a swimming pool to your backyard, there are 4 extra costs that you have to consider. You can expect to pay at least $20,000 for a brand new pool in Miami, however that’s just the minimum amount to pay for the swimming pool construction.

There 4 other ongoing costs that you have to take into account when calculating your budget for your new pool.

Pool Cleaning

Yes, you can do it yourself, or even have your kids do it every now and then. But let’s be honest, if you want your pool to be clean all the time, you need to hire a professional pool cleaner. Having your pool cleaned all the time is not only more hygienic, but it will also prevent it from having restoration and repairing costs in the future.

Pool Heating

This is not absolutely essential, but if you’re in regions where the summer isn’t that hot, you might need to heat your pool. Or in case you want to enjoy sometime during the winter, having a heating system might be something worth considering.

Chemical Testing

You have to constantly test the PH of your pool. You’ll have to buy test kits and appropriate chemicals to keep your water clean and healthy. Again, having a maintenance/cleaning professional might be something worth hiring.

Pool Repair

You know your pool won’t last tens of years without needing any repair. Pool repairs are usually expensive. Most of the times you can’t restore the swimming pool with water in it, so you have to remove all the water, pay for the restoration team, and then fill the pool with water again.

Hope you found this post useful, and that you take all of these costs into account when buying and building a new pool. Now check out this cool timelapse of a swimming pool built from scratch.


What is Art Nouveau?

An old trend is coming back into fashion. Art Nouveau was popular in the 1910s. It is sometimes compared to Art Deco, but they are quite different. Both are a style of art, architecture and design that was popular in the first half of the twentieth century. One example of Art Deco is the Empire State Building in New York. Another prominent style of modern art deco is retro modern furniture, popularized by online stores such as this one. Also we have the building that houses Selfridge’s in London. Art Deco comprises stark, straight edges and usually the colours black and gold.

A brief history of Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau became popular in response to a collective desire to shrug off the stiffness of the Victorian era.

However, as well as being popular in the early twentieth century, it was also the height of fashion in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and went hand in hand with the hippy movement. The font on advertising for psychedelic musical concerts and festivals was inspired by Art Nouveau. In recent years, especially this year, it seems the popularity of Art Nouveau has come back again. The Isle of Wight Music Festival continues to use Art Nouveau in its advertising and merchandise.

Art Nouveau furniture was most prolifically produced from the late nineteenth century to the beginning of the First World War.

What Art Nouveau looks like

Art Nouveau is more about nature, about organic, natural lines, plants, fruit, roots and flowers, earth mamas. Famous examples of the architecture from this movement include many of the entrances to the Metro in Paris, France. However, Art Nouveau is more centred around furniture than art, whereas Art Deco is more about architecture.

Above is a fantastic example of Art Nouveau furniture. Wood was a key feature in Art Nouveau, marquetry was a famous art technique of the era, inlaying artistically carved pieces of different colours of wood into larger pieces of wood, in bureaus, floors and dressers.

Art Nouveau artwork

With regards to art, the most famous Art Nouveau painter has to be Gustav Klimt (1862-1918). A lot of mugs featuring his artwork are available to buy in shops right now for very reasonable prices. However the artist whose work is most associated with Art Nouveau is the relatively little-known Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939). His work typically features sensual ladies surrounded by flowers.

An Alphonse Mucha piece

Having Art Nouveau artwork in your home will put you at the forefront of interior design fashion as well as brighten up your surroundings!


Having a parquet floor would definitely make your home an Art Nouveau palace, as it is what was used for the marquetry Art Nouveau was famed for.

Tiffany Lamp

For a final flourish in your design, add a Tiffany Lamp, a classic stained glass lampshade



The kitchen is one of the most important spots in the house. This is where the food of the whole household is being prepared, family dines, dishes washed, foods and goods stored, etc. It is also a good bonding place for the whole family since most activities here are being enjoyed by the bunch. That is why having a good and beautiful kitchen is very important. More than the physical aesthetics, you also have to take into consideration the functionality of the structure. Here are a few tips:

1. The kitchen requires a lot of storage and empty spaces. You never know when you need storages for leftover foods, extra sauces, dips, and drinks. Parties will also need you to have a wide array of different sized compartments. Vary your storage so you’ll have a fitting place for everything. Provide deep cabinets, wide drawers, minute spaces, etc. Make sure that there is room for everything.

2. Plan in advance and make it good. By this, you have to foresee everything that you may want to add in your new kitchen in the future. This will give a good idea of how much space you want to allot and where to place it. If you are looking for the latest model of gas range, be sure that the gas range place will be enough to take in your possible purchase.

3. It is also good if you could inject some fashion sense onto your new kitchen. Think ahead. Think practical. Today, you may want some fusion of orange and fuchsia pink since it is the trend. But think futuristic: will it still look good after 5 years or so? The best option for you is to choose a classic theme. This means that you could have a choice of classic wooded kitchen or some other timeless designs.

4. It is very important that your kitchen as proper lighting. Most activities being done here are intricate and very detailed, All the cutting and slicing will surely require you to have a good eye on everything. Aside from providing good lights, it would also help if you choose paints that are light-colored and cool for the eyes.

5. Though it is the architect’s job to build your kitchen, you don’t have to put all the authority to them. There must be a collaborative effort between you, the builder and the designer. Hire an interior designer if you can or a kitchen expert. The team will surely help you achieve the kitchen that is perfectly fitted to you.